Day 1 – Wednesday May 4th, 2022


Session #1

Welcome Presentation with Mike Procopio, Nick Quaratiello and Mike Jackson – 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Session #2

All Things Ignite Web  – 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Do you field phone calls and emails from customers locked out of Ignite Web? Are you answering questions on orders and payments not showing up or coming through? Be able to answer your customer’s questions swiftly and confidently with a comprehensive look at our Ignite Web product!  Not an Ignite Web user?  We’ll be showcasing all of the ins and outs in a separate breakout for attendees.

Lunch – 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

Session #3

Reporting Across the Ignite Ecosystem – 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM

Ensuring you are looking at accurate data is imperative when making key business decisions.  With over 800 reports in Ignite Enterprise alone, reporting can be a laborious process.  Join Shannyn Gladstone as she helps simplify this process and showcase the reporting features across the entire Ignite Ecosystem.

Break 2:00 PM – 2:15 PM

Session #4

Ignite Pay – 2:15 PM – 3:00 PM

Credit card and payment processing is key cog in the Ignite Ecosystem.  Ignite Enterprise, Ignite Mobile, Ignite Web and the Ignite Phone App all utilize the credit card processing function.  Ignite Pay simplifies payments, not only for you, but for your customers all while enhancing their overall experience.  With a rich integration and industry specific functionality, Ignite Pay is the best in class in the energy vertical for payment processing.

Session #5

All Things Special Pricing Plans – 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Special pricing plans are an attractive offering in heating oil and propane markets.  Giving people choices could be the difference between becoming a customer of yours or your competition.  With a variety of special pricing plans available to you in Ignite Enterprise, they give your customers peace of mind and clear options when it comes to doing business with you.  We’ll cover all of the different plans, how to set them up correctly and reporting on them.

Day 2 – Thursday May 5th, 2022


Session #6

Securing Your Ignite Ecosystem with Singularis IT – 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Having secure and remote access anywhere and anytime has become a staple in our industry.  Whether you’re in Massachusetts or Moldova, your Ignite Ecosystem is now only an internet connection away.  We’ve partnered with Singularis IT to develop Ignite Cloud Hosting.   It is the most secure and reliable hosting platform in the industry, that is fully customizable based on your business size.  Not only have our Cloud Hosting customers seen exponential increases in speed and performance, bad weather and storms are no longer bringing their businesses to a grinding halt.  This is one session you won’t want to miss!

Session #7

Understanding Forecasting: Accuracy, Common Issues and Maintenance – 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Whether you use the traditional Degree Day system or are currently strictly will-call, our forecasting experts will dive into the forecasting options available to you in Ignite.  We’ll cover common issues that our customers stumble upon during the heating season.  Run-outs will become a thing of the past as we showcase routine maintenance tasks to ensure the accuracy of your forecasting numbers.

Lunch – 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

Session #8

What’s New in the Ignite Ecosystem? – 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM

Year in and year out, this is an audience favorite.  We’ll share all of the new enhancements made across the Ignite Ecosystem while sharing the exciting items that are on the horizon. 

Session #9

Best Practices in Ignite Mobile – 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM

One of our more popular webinar series episodes is now coming to the 2022 UGM.  What do you do if you can’t sync?  What to do if you can’t communicate to your truck’s meter?   We’ll show you how to troubleshoot and resolve these problems on the spot!  Not an Ignite Mobile user?  We’ll be showcasing all of the ins and outs of Ignite Mobile in a separate breakout for attendees.

Break 3:00 PM – 3:15 PM

Session #10

Ignite Expert Panel – Q&A with the Blue Cow Software Team – 3:15 PM to 4:00 PM

For the fourth year in a row, we’ll be conducting an interactive session with our panel of Blue Cow Software experts.  This year, we’ll be requesting feedback from YOU on the topics you’d like to talk about.  The first half of our session will address the responses from our customers.  The second half will be a live Q&A with the group on any and all things Blue Cow Software related.  Please send all questions to Mike Procopio